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I thought of all my other boats and all the other summers of sailing, dating way back to when I used to go out with my father in a cranky overcanvased catboat we had when I was a little girl in the early part of the century. My father, a reckless enthusiast when it came to a sailboat, found me a most satisfactory companion because I had not sense enough to be frightened.

--Kitty Crockett Robertson

These are sites, that weren't easily catagorized, but hopefully will be of interest as well.

Sailing FAQ or Sailing FAQ
Two locations of the rec.boats FAQ maintained by jfh@cs.brown.edu (John Forbes Hughes). Here is some info on his boat Sarah.

A directory of boat images from Steve Blair at tivoli.com

Beken of Cowes
This is the home page of one of the pioneers of photography & the Masters of Marine Photography.

Noah Publications
Featuring the Calendar of Wooden Boats, and Photography by Benjamin Mendlowitz.

PPL Photo Gallery
Samples of of photographs held by PPL by subject.

Wavelength Studios
Sailing images from Andrew Sims, Marine Photographer.

Yachting and clasic vessels pictures.

Onne van der Wal Photography

A directory of a few boat images
They do have a picture of Yellow Pages Endeavour last I looked

US Coast Guard images

Dinghy Sailing Site
From Quentin O'Sullivan. Mostly photos of dinghy sailing.

Popeye the Sailor
I have to admit, I much prefer the original Segar Popeye to the later versions.

International Maritime Organization
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations' specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.

The Nautical Institute
An international professional body for qualified mariners. Also, check out their Marine Accident Reporting Scheme.

U.S. Coast Guard Online Resources

Links to Coast Guard Related Web Sites

Canadian Coast Guard
Information on the Canadian Coast Guard and boating in Canada.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Also see Red Bay RNLI Lifeboat Station

Marinehjemmeværnet - Flotille 124
The Maritime Homeguard (English version)(MHV) is an organisation of voluntary men and women, who use some of their sparetime to assist The Royal Danish Navy.

World Cruising
Organizers of various cruising rallies including, ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) and the Millennium Odyssey.

National Shipbuilding Network
The National Shipbuilding Network is designed to support the U.S. shipbuilding infrastructure by serving as the electronic communication and information resource network for the shipbuilding community.

A place for boat builders and designers, amateur or professional, to communicate with each other and share their passion for the craft.

Living Classrooms Foundation
Baltimore, Maryland based organization that provides hands-on learning programs and job training for young people, with an emphasis on disadvantaged and at-risk youth. They currently use four vessels in their work.

Newport, RI. world renown organization for its sailing program for disabled sailors. Operating for 11 years and serving 800 disabled sailors annually. Recreation, Instructional, Racing.

Sailing Alternatives, Inc.
Providing the instruction, environment and support for disabled and able-bodied individuals to experience the thrills of sailing,

Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
Toronto Ontario, Canada. Also have an internet Clubhouse.

Bayfront Center for Maritime Studies (BCMS)
Their mission is to develop and implement unique, affordable, experiential, maritime educational and recreational opportunities. Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Marine Art Information Center
A focal point for information on British and American Marine Art. A Picture Gallery of marine watercolours and paintings supplemented by Information on Auctions, Galleries, Reference Materials and Museums.

Painting Port
Fine Art of Tom Clifford.

Celestial Navigation, SF Bay Area
Sailing information, and celestial navigation instruction from Bill Meyers

Celestial Navigation Net
Brings together all of the best Celestial Navigation resources on the internet, with pointers to other resources as well.

Celestial Navigation
a series of pages attempting to explain Celestial Nav to the absolute beginner written by Al Placette.

Windjammer Sails
Windjammer is a small to medium sized, family owned, sailing oriented business, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

WB-Sails Theory Page
A collection of sailing[theory] related articles, provided by WB-Sails

Yacht Survey Online
An extensive collection of articles on buying, owning and maintaining boats from David Pascoe, Marine Surveyor.

Includes a searchable database of photo listings of boats for sale and charter, the Boating Yellow Pages and other useful information.

Pro Yacht Sales
Boats for Sale - Southeastern USA

SchoonerMan Page
A large list of sailing related items. Especially good coverage of tall ship related items.

US Waterways

Great Britain II
History of the veteran Whitbread racer "Great Britain II".

Island Cruiser News Online
This site is dedicated to providing sailing and boating enthusiasts with industry news, cruising destinations, boating gear, and Internet links.

Cruisers' "WEBNET"
A site for cruisers to keep in touch.

Cruiser Log
A site that lists Cruiser homepages, Yacht positions, free Crewfinder, Radio nets, a Message board and good Marine links.

An international network of sailors and crew interested in vacation boat exchanges.

Wayne Beardsley's Home Page
Includes a PHRF data base for Long Island Sound, links to other PHRF databases, a ratings estimator, PHRF Speed Calculator and more.

Carl's Sailing Calculator
Boat comparision calculator.

The Perfect Pocket Yacht
Site with a view toward boats that will get you out on the water now.

A directory of tallship images from ftp.uci.agh.edu.pl

Armada de la Liberté
Info and Images from Tallship visit to Rouen(Normandy, France), 10-17 July 1994.

Isle Of Man Traditional Boat Weekend At Peel
Saturday 15th June ~ Sunday 16th June 1996

Boating related items, including boats for sale, charters, listing of boat shows, and pointers to other internet boating resources. Surprisingly, they named my Sailing Page as site of the month for January 1995. Zowee.

Quiet Waters Sailboat Sales
A site with specifications of most modern small sailboats from 7-22'. They also buy, sell, and repair new & used sailboats 10'-22', as well as provide a used boat service to netsurfers.

Web & Sea
Points to sailing resources including boat-yards, charters, french boating magazines and other sources of information.

BoatShow on the Internet
Where the Information Highway meets the sea. Sailboats -- monohulls, catamarans, trimarans -- yacht charter companies, power boats, Digital Chandlery, sailing schools, and more for the recreational sailor.

United States Boat Show / On-Line
Information from the people who produce the Annapolis Boat Show including information from some of their exhibitors online.

WaterSport resources from Yourtown
Includes information as well as links to other sites.

U.S. Maritime Administration
Federal agency to promote U.S. Merchant marine. Interesting glossary of shipping terms. Find out what cabotage means.

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

The Sailing Site
The Sailing Site is an Internet source for sailing news and information. It is the outgrowth of the successful America's Cup On Line project and provides continued information on America's Cup developments, as well as general sailing news and information.

Nautic Aspect
Aim is to raise interest in the construction and development of boats with a particular character.

America's Cup On-line
All sorts of info on the 95 America's cup. Here is their description of its contents. A version in Korean is available. And a little press release on how the graphics were done on the tv broadcasts.

America3 Page
Info on the America3 competitors for the '95 America's cup.

Includes information on bvuying or renting a sailing yacht or a motorboat, information on sailing areas, nice places to visit by boat or on the Web, class information, weather ...

Sailing information, companies, etc. Mostly in Finland

The Downtown Sailing Center of Baltimore
A non-profit community based sailing organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their mission is to promote sailing by: Offering the community affordable access to quality sailing programs and events; Providing education in sailing and water safety skills at all levels for all ages; and Sponsoring both recreational and racing opportunities.

Maritime Resources at Access Internet Resources
Includes a Virtual Renaissance Adventure.

Sailing Online Services

ALIA Sailing Pages
A UK and Ireland focussed site, which includes some pictures from some of training cruises on the South coast of Ireland.

Some pointers to sailboat racing, and some racing images.

Mariner's Net
Information on a number of subjects including, Mariners Net magazine, and a catalog of sailing accessories for women sailors.

The Liveaboard and Cruising Page
These pages look at some of the problems dealing with living aboard a sail boat at anchor.

Cruisers Connection
Stresses the cruising-lifestyle, Nav-data, software, and offshore side of sailing.

Bluewater Cruising Page
Information for those interested in Bluewater Cruising. Many articles in German.

Chip's Pocket Cruiser Sailboat Page
A guide to those who are seeking a pocket cruising sailboat.

The Trailer Sailor
A place where Trailer Sailors sailors can get together and discuss problems, solutions, good times or bad.

A Marine Do-It-Yourselfer Website
Created for people who seek sailing and boating information, and who like to perform their own boat maintenance. Also features a Hot Boating Tip Of The Month, introductory lessons on Learning How To Sail and MORE.

MC-link Nautical Home Page
The English entry into La Pagina Nautica

Bill's Lighthouse Getaway with over 40 lights plus, other info for the lighthouse fanatic.

Linda's Lighthouse Page
Including postcards!

15th World Sailors' Songs Festival Krakow
4 Day Chanty (Shanty) Festival in Krakow, Poland.

River Scheldt Pilots Choir

Sea Chanties
A collection of the words to sea chanties.

Shanties and Sea Songs
From Andrew Draskoy.

Ship's Company
Nautical living history non-profit, volunteer group formed in 1981 to support the frigate, now sloop-of-war, Constellation Cannon drill, shanty singing, shipboard trades, naval landing detachment Specializing in the skills and living conditions of the American seaman of 1790-1820.

The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
A huge collection collection of folk songs. Search for say "black ball" for songs that mention the black ball line.

U.S. Library of Congress. American Memories
Fabulous old movies and photographs. Pick a collection and search on ship.

Radio Control Sailors of Finland

Seader Sailboats
Wooden model sailboats that feature a non-electronic control method which allows you to use sailing techniques on a small scale.

Seaways Publishing
Ship modeling and research information

Land Yachting
Info on O'Neill European Championships Land Yachting in Oct. 1995, and other land yachting info.

Swedish pilot cutter S/Y Ejdern
The Pilot Boat Association, bought this beautiful vessel in 1991 in bad shape, and restored to almost original condition during 1991-94.

Fitness for sailing
Information on Sailing and Fitness.

Marine Electrical Systems Seminar
Cameron Clarke's self-directed marine electronics seminar to help users understand and maintain their boats electrical system, batteries, and charging devices.

Marine Graphics, Inc.
On-Line Custom Graphics Services.

Cooper Boating Center
Yacht Charter and Sailing School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

International Marine Signal Flags, semaphores and some national flags
For instance you now know the interpretation of the flag sequence:
M S 4
My vessel is a dangerous source of radiation; you may approach from aft.

WWW Text to Semaphore Converter
And other useful maritime signaling applications.

Tide Info
This account is intended to provide an easily accessible data base of tidal heights and winds along the U.S. east coast. See README file.

Daily Tide & Current Predictions
From Nautical Software, Inc.

These are a sample of GPS information available on the net.

NMEA 0183 Interface
This is a small sample of NMEA 0183 information available on the net. I haven't been following this very carefully, so there are probably better references.

Inland Navigation Rules
United States Code, Title 33 - Navigation and Navigable Waters, Chapter 34 - Inland Navigational Rules.

Admiralty Law
A description of the laws and regulations that concern boaters/yachtsmen.

Sailing Info from John Ward
Includes information on self-steering, sea shanties, and navigation.

The record of the first sail passage of the Columbia River from headwaters to the ocean.
From Bill Barton at Clear Course Software.

Sailing information from Angelo Mascaro
General sailing information, both in English and in Italian! Includes information on the Baleares Islands with much info on Cabera(English), Cabera (Italian). Also, information about sailing in the Med.

U.S. Naval Observatory
This resource gives you information about and access to the standard time services of the U.S. Naval Observatory. It also provides general information about the Observatory

The Royal Institute Of Navigation
The Royal Institute Of Navigation (RIN) is a learned society with charitable status; it was formed in 1947. Its objects are to unite in one body those who are concerned with or who are interested in navigation and to further its development.

Marco Polo relica project
The Marco Polo Project is a volunteer organization with the expressed aim of building a full-sized replica of the Marco Polo in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Osram VII sailing cruise
A Pacific sailing cruise planned for 1999-2000 aboard the 43' catamaran Osram VII .

Boating page at recreation.com
Boating page at recreation.com

Matching crew and boats
Some sites that try and match up crew with boats. Both racing and cruising.

Sail America
Sail America is a nonprofit organization composed of all sectors of the sailing industry, including boat builders, equipment manufacturers, sailing schools, sailing publications, and sail charters. Probably best known for putting on Sail Expo in Atlantic City.

Marine Export Group of New Zealand
MAREX, The Marine Export Group of New Zealand, is an industry trade group representing boatbuilders, yacht designers, hardware, equipment and marine apparel manufacturers in New Zealand.

American Sailing Association
The American Sailing Association is an association of Sailing schools, sailing instructors and sailors, and their associates are listed at this site.

International Sail and Power Association
ISPA is a non-profit marine organization dedicated to training. They provide logbooks and manuals for sailing, power boating, saftey at sea and navigation. They have schools and instructors who provide instruction in yachting, power boating and learn to sail cruising vacations.

Nautical Know How
A page on boating safety and seamanship.

Commander Bob's Boating Safety Notebook
Information on recreational boating safety.

VIMS Virtual Marine Education Center
A place where teachers and students can find information and on-line resources for learning about the marine environment

LIFE - Leadership Initiative for Earch
A non-profit educational organization based in Vancouver BC. Their main program, the LIFEboat Flotilla, is an annual expedition for 200 teenagers aboard a fleet of sailing ships and heritage tugs.

Animated Knots for Scouts
Too cute.

Sailing related cartoons.

Yacht Research Homepage
An informal group open to anyone interested in any aspect of yacht research. Contains a large number of research papers and pointers to related sites.

National Women's Sailing Association
NWSA is an advocacy and sports organization dedicated to increasing awareness of sailing among women and opportunities for women to participate in sailing.

Chicago Women's Sailing Network
Established in 1994 to assist women sailors in pursing their sailing avocation in the Chicago area.

Women Aboard
A grassroots networking organization for women in boating.

Ontario Boating Forum
A non-profit organization in Ontario who's members are concerned with Boaters rights, safety, and environmental issues relating to Boating in Ontario.

CompuServe's Sailing Forum

Software possibly useful in sailing
Hey, We're a high tech sport, right?

Liners and Transatlantics
Mostly things with motors, but can the Black Ball Line be far behind?

The World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society
Publishers of Ocean & Cruise News a monthly publication regarding todays current cruise ships and historical articles by noted authors such a William Miller regarding cruise ships & famous liners of yesteryear.

The Canadiana - Home Page
The Canadiana is a Great Lakes Steam Passenger Ship that was built in Buffalo NY in 1910. This group is attempting to restore this historic vessel to sail again as it did in the past.

S.S. Styrbjörn
The last coal fired seagoing steamtug in Norway.

Restoration the Cutter Mytilene
Information on the ongoing restoration of this 1936 cruising yacht.

A Resource for Antique Inboard Marine Engine Enthusiasts.


Serge's Sailing Highway
Sailing links to the information highway.

BC Sailing Home Page
Information on sailing in British Columbia, Canada.

Sailing thru Science
A Global On-Line Adventure Learning Site (tm) opportunity to join a single handed non-stop voyage aboard Northwest Spirit, a 60' world class sailing yacht via the net in Fall of 1995.

Marine Adventure Sailing Tours
Alaskan Wilderness Sailing Adventures

Maritime Information Systems
The US Maritime Information System/Todd & Associates Homepage lists CD-ROM product information for United States Coast Guard data, which has been put in a Windows based CD-ROM. The data includes Merchant Vessels of the US, Manufacturer's Identification Codes (MIC), 15 years of USCG Boating Accident Reports, and 20 years of USCG Recall and Defect Notices. The Todd & Associates,Inc. Stolen Boats with Rewards, lists current stolen boats with rewards offered by insurance companies, including photos.

Fred Siegel's U. S. Coast Guard Retiree I-Net Locator Service

Jim's Sailing Page
Information about Jim Schmit's boat, and sailing in Hawaii.

Bruce Rosen / South Bay Simulations, Inc.
SPLASH - Free-surface flow simulations

Rob Scanlan
Site of Rob Scanlan, CMS/AMS NAVTECH/U.S. Master Marine Surveyor.

Cedric Savineau's SPEED Sailing Page
Smokin'! Images and info on some the fast sailing speedsters.

Portsmouth Ratings for Popular Sloop Rigged One-designs

ABL Ship Models

Sailing Source
Contains the Fernhurst Nautical Books (UK) catalog (including color GIFS of each cover, table of contents, and excerpts), Whitbread 30 class, Banks Sails, Haarstick Sailmakers, a Watersports Resource locator, Vanguard Racing sailboats,and info on two US organizations, NSRI and WIA.

Research Ship Information and Cruise Schedules
Cruise Schedules, Ship Characteristics and links to other information about research vessels from the Ocean Information Center at University of Delaware

Research vessel S/Y Oceania Page
Polish oceanographic sailing research vessel.

Freighter World Cruises

The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel

Boating Publishers' Marine Network
The Marine Network is a series of marine publisher's data bases which contain boats for sale, marine services and products, waterfront properties and news. The Marine Network files are arranged regionally to allow users to search for or sell any boat, and locate any needed product or service close to home.

YachtNet Home Page
Contains the Intersail Journal and information on Yachts, Brokerage, Charters, Marine Store, Classifieds,and Sailing Clubs as well as other item.

Sailing page
Sailing information from Video On Line

Sailboats Inc.
Sailing Instruction and chartering.

German Multihull site.

C-Tech Home page
C-Tech offers boating software and accessories.

PWM's Boat Page
Peter W. Meek's sailing page. Excellent coverage of the St. Clair flats.

Thames Barge - Marie May
Restoration efforts on this Thames Barge.

Neal Petersen's home page
Report on his 1994 BOC attempt and plans for the next BOC.

Sailing Yacht Canada Restoration Project
Chronicle of the efforts to restore this vessel.

The Virtual Loft
Seattle HarborCam and recent pictures of tall ships, tug boats, cargo ships and other cool stuff on the Puget Sound. Also, a tribute to Winslow Homer.

B.J. Best's high-quality sailing page
Informaton on Scows, the Inland Lake Yachting Association, Cedar Lake Yacht Club and more.

Torresen Marine, Inc.
Sailing information from Muskegon, Michigan including information on their repair and maintenance facility, and ship store, plus info on their Great Lakes On Line System with info for Great Lakes sailors.

Strictly Sail
Sailboats and accessories in the Cincinnati, Ohio area

Svendsen's Boat Works and Chandlery
Svendsen's has been serving sailors in the San Francisco Bay area for over 30 years. They have a chandlery, rigging shop, boatyard and distributing company.

Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering (LIFE)
Since 1891 Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering (LIFE) has been providing a wide range of products and services to both domestic and foreign markets. Lunnenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Wind Surfing Home Page
Pictures, and a great movie (.3 Mb)!

The Eighth Sea
The Eighth Sea is your safe haven on the the information sea...a place to find sailing directions for the Web. The Eighth Sea is a regional webzine, focused on the Northern Gulf coast.

Cap'n Mark Wheeler's Virtual Riverboat
Yes, I feel disloyal since steam drove an iron spike through the heart of sailing.

West Coast Tugs
West Coast of North America.

Commander Bob's Boating Safety Notebook
Useful information on boating safety.

Aladdin Sailing Index
Useful collection of British sailing topics including pages for a number of sailing organizations: RYA, RORC, and more.

Dataplace Yachting and Sailing Index
Sailing information from The Netherlands

S.A.International Boating Services - STEERAGE - is a National and International shopfront and information service designed to service every aspect of the south african and international boating and watersports industry.

Viking Voyage 1000
Knarr trip from Greenland to Newfoundland.

First International Conference on Maritime Terminology
The 1998 Conference is intended to provide a forum for scholars, experts and professionals to present their views and exchange ideas on a shared interest.

300th anniversary of the Russian Navy
Events during summer and Fall of 1996.

Weymouth - England - 9 Sept 1995

1996 Olympics - Yachting
Atlanta (actually - Wassaw Sound, Savannah, Georgia). A nice summary was put together by Hal Wadleigh. Also excerpts from the book Sailing Savannah 1996 (search for sailing on that page).

Newfoundland Flotilla '97
In May 1997, the Matthew sets sail from Bristol, England bound for Newfoundland to star in the provinces' John Cabot 500 celebrations. Newfoundland Flotilla '97 has been formed, by a non-profit group of local yachtsmen who sail Lake Ontario, to sail down the St. Lawrence to Newfoundland meet the Matthew at landfall and join in the provinces' celebrations. More Cabot Festivities from the Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Tourism.

2000 Olympics - Yachting
Yep. It's never too early to be thinking about the 2000 Olympics. Where else would want to be to welcome the new millennium?

Yahoo!'s list of America's Cup Sites
Yep. The year 2000 will bring computer crashes, another America's cup, The Race, but I'll be following the tallship events. Yep.

America True
San Francisco Yacht Club, Dawn Riley. This is one of the U.S. syndicates for the America's Cup..

Prada Challenge

Ursa Major Challenge 2000
A Canadian challenger for the year 2000 America's Cup.

America's Cup Jubilee
If you are just bored with the entire overhyped mess, and are going to sit it out waiting for the America's Cup Jubilee in August 2001.

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