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Newsgroup: sci.geo.satellite-nav
Good discussion of all GPS aspects.

GPS Digest
The GPS Digest is a forum for the discussion of topics related to the USAF Global Positioning System (GPS) and other satellite navigation positioning systems.

U.S. Naval Observatory
Current information about the status of the GPS system is provided in the pub/gps directory. You might want to first check Combination GPS Local Notice and Table of Contents

Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) Page

Intro to GPS Apps Archive

GPS Marketplace

National GPS Network
UK site that contains three main resources at present; Raw data from 28 permanent geodetic stations around GB. ETRS89 coords of 900+ stations throught GB Coordinate conversion facility, from ETRS89 Lat Long to OSGB36 and from ellipsoid to OS datum heights.

NMEA-0183 and GPS Information
Includes faqs

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler:

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