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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 22:06:20 -0700
From: (Clayton A. Feldman, MD)
Subject: Information Seaway

Seaways Publishing's trio of nautical research-shipmodeling adjuncts
is now up and running:

  1. The e-mail nautical research list, (subscribe to; in the body of the message include: "subscribe infonaut-
list <your e-mail address>".

  2.  The WWW home page "Information Seaway", at 
Found here are "Seaways' Ships in Scale" magazine tables of contents, shop
hints, subscription iformation and a fair number of research links.

  3.  A public file information site for storage and retrieval, We will keep files of general interest to the 
nautical-maritime research communities (we would especially like database 
files of the nautical archaeology literature).

Clayton A. Feldman, MD, Publisher, Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine

                        "But sails are rare and precious things; their
                         place is not in the murk of the well, but amid
                         the light of the tall masts, where they will
                         collect the winds of space."
                                From Maeterlinck: Our Social Duty    

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