U.S. Coast Guard Online Resources

This page is just a collection of Coast Guard Pages that I have found useful. Obviously, there are thousands more.

U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters

The U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center in Groton, CT

Coast Guard Home Page
General Coast Guard information, centered around CG Thirteenth District (Oregon and Washington). Hopefully when they fill this out, I will just point to it.

US Coast Guard Navigation Center Home Page
Includes local notices to mariners, and info on various radionavigation systems.

Coast Guard Regional Examination Center Los Angeles - Long Beach
A Coast Guard web site that provides full information on how to apply for a USCG license. The site also allows mariners to download all the forms required to apply for a license.

Search MIC Database
Recreational Boats sold or imported into the United States are required to have a twelve character Hull Identification Number (HIN). The first three letters of that number are the Manufacturer's Identification Code (MIC). Manufacturers are required to apply in writing to the United States Coast Guard for assignment of a MIC. The Coast Guard maintains a database of all recreational boat manufacturers in the United States, and U.S. importers of recreational boats. This database contains active, out of business, and Canadian manufacturers.

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