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"For the truth is that I already know as much about my fate as I need to know. The day will come when I will die. So the only matter of consequence before me is what I will do with my allotted time. I can remain on shore, paralyzed with fear, or I can raise my sails and dip and soar in the breeze."

- Richard Bode, First you have to row a little boat

Welcome to my sailing page of internet sailing resources. Please browse though the material or use the table of contents. If you discover items on the net I've missed, don't hesitate to contact me mbrmbr@acm.org, so I can enjoy them and reference them for the use of others.
The research group I'm in is very interested in developing tools to help people find items of interest to them in the World Wide Web. We have some ideas, but to better understand how people are currently finding things, if you wouldn't mind, please mail me mbrmbr@acm.org how you found this page, which would be very helpful. Thanks. -- Mark.

Table of Contents

Some Local Stuff I've collected
Current Affairs
Tall Ships
Mailing Lists
Netnews Groups
Sailing Opportunities
Sailing Clubs
Other People's Stories - Tales of ordinary sailing adventures!
Sailboat Chartering
Sailing Books, Videos, Bookstores and Publishers
Sailing Magazines
Online Sailing Texts
One Design Resources - also owners associations
Boating Safety
Sailing Associations
Sailing Related Equipment - hardware, sailmakers, discounters, etc.
Sailboat Manufacturers and Distributors
Sailboat Designers, Plan Resources, and Classification Societies
Sailing Software
Maritime History
Traditional Boating
Maritime Archaeology
Maritime Museums Online
Regional Sailing Resources
Educational Opportunities - Colleges offering maritime and naval related degrees (B.A., M.A., etc)
Learn to Sail Opportunities - on the water, recreational navigation, stuff for kids, etc.
Weather Information - just a few sites
Other Sailing Indexes - sites that provide a large number of links and/or host a variety of sailing resources.
Other Sailing Resources - More sites that caught my fancy. Check 'em out

Some Local Stuff I've collected

Report on Sail for America
I participated in the Sail for America, 9/14/02.

Some useful knots
I created some animated gifs to show how to tie a handful of knots.

Sailing in the Netherlands
Info on a 10 day sailing trip I took in the Netherlands.

Sailing into the Past - WoodenBoat 12 Meter Regatta
I got an opportunity to be a participant on Northern Light, a 12 meter built in 1938 racing in the WoodenBoat 12 Meter Regatta in September 1997. Herein lies the story.

Legacy: Materials from the Historic American Merchant Marine Survey
For a class on museum exhibit design, I put together a proposal and model of an exhibit on the Historic American Merchant Marine Survey (HAMMS).

Columbus 500
In 1992, I sailed on Soren Larsen a 140' brigantine on the Puerto Rico, San Salvador, New York, Mystic, Boston leg of the Columbus 500. To prove what a fabulous experience it was, we even got to see a shuttle launch as we cruised by Florida. See also my short Soren Larsen page.

"HMS" Rose Trip
From July 11, 1994 to July 15, 1994 I sailed aboard "HMS" Rose from Erie, PA to Port Stanley, Ont.

Munson Institute at Mystic Seaport Museum
During the Summer of 1995, I attended the Munson Institute, and took two graduate level maritime history courses. I had a great time.

Georg Stage Sail Raising
While at Mystic, the Georg Stage visited, and I took some photos as they raised sail at dockside.

Cruising on Christmas and weather course.
I've taken two courses at the WoodenBoat School. One was a cruising course on the lovely wooden vessel Christmas in 1994 and the other was a week course in understanding weather in 1997.

Sailing Page Technical Reports
Sailing Page Technical Reports are a series of papers describing technical aspects of this sailing page, or covering more general topics of sailing, computation and the internet.

Report on an experimental search facility
For seven years, I experimented with some ideas on restricted domain search.

Sailing Haikus
For those days when 17 syllables is enuf.

Sailing Movies
This is just a really short collection of comments and availability of sailing related movies.

Interesting Tidbits from rec.boats
A collection of things I've saved from rec.boats

Current Affairs

Around Alone
A single-handed global yacht race.

Chicago Maritime Festival
Annual event, usually in February, that celebrate Chicago's maritime community.

Clipper Racing
This is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's Round The World Race between eight identical purpose built yachts. Each one has a professional skipper and up to 14 crew who pay for the experience.

Newport Bermuda Race

Jobson Sailing, Inc.
Gary Jobson's site. Here because he has a listing of the schedule for Sailing on ESPN (a sailing sports TV Cable channel in the U.S.)

Team Challenge US
You are following the run up to the 2004 Olympics, aren't you?

Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race
The Official Site.

The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race
A number of the U.S. East Coast schooners gather in October to race down the Chesapeake Bay.

Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race
The official World Wide Web server for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, the greatest blue-water ocean race ever! [And Australians would never exaggerate!]

Challenge Business
Various race and cruising opportunities.

Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge
Champagne Mumm's Passion for Sailing site.

OpSail 2000(tm)
The schedule and info for the tallships in the year 2000 OpSail events.

The Whitbread Round The World Race
For the Volvo Trophy.

Elle Racing Syndicate
Looks like they were a non-starter for the Whitbread. Ah, well.

Tall Ships

American Sail Training Association
ASTA is committed to promoting sail training and sea education in North America, providing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities access to the adventure of a lifetime. Sail training is adventure travel aboard a tall ship.


Schooner sailing the Puget Sound area.

A.J. Meerwald
A 1928 as an oyster dredger currently sailing the Delaware Bay and River and Coastal New Jersey, with the object of promoting ecological and historical awareness.

Alexander von Humboldt

A 125 foot main topsail schooner.

Schooner America
The 1995 reproduction.

American Pride
A 130ft 3-masted schooner out of Long Beach, California.

Amerigo Vespucci

Amistad America, Inc.
AMISTAD America Inc. is a not-for-profit educational organization formed to promote the Amistad replica.


The schooner Anna Rogde
The ruby of North Norwegian coastal culture

Schooner Appledore
Operated by BaySail, and located in Bay City, Michigan and sails primarily on the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron.

S.T.V. Asgard II
Irish Sail Training Vessel.

T.S. Astrid Home Page

The Batavialand shipyard shows how the Dutch have mastered shipbuilding over the centuries; robust ships that were capable of traversing Dutch and international waters. The shipyard will take you back to the world of historical shipbuilding, crafts and the Dutch Golden Age. The famous reconstruction of the VOC ship the Batavia lies docked at the wharf at Batavialand.

Bluenose II

The Arctic SchoonerBowdoin
Built in 1921 for arctic exploration, she's back at it, sailing out of the Maine Maritime Academy.

The 1962 MGM Studios replica. I even have a picture.

HMAV Bounty
Built for the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty" starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins.

Bytown Brigantine Foundation
Which operates the Black Jack and the Fair Jeanne.

Re-creation of the 1848-vintage Revenue Cutter, C.W. Lawrence.

Sailing Yacht Canada
Information on the vessel and its restoration project.

Christian Radich

Replica of a Hudson River Sloop. Clearwater conducts environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations to protect the Hudson River

Clipper City
Sailing out of Baltimore, Maryland.

The classroom of Class Afloat.

USS Constitution
"Old Ironsides" - Boston, Mass.

Cutty Sark
Permanently at 'anchor' overlooking the River Thames, Greenwich, England.


Dar Mlodziezy
The Dar Mlodziezy (Gift of Youth) is a training ship for the Gdynia Maritime Academy, Poland

Replica of a three-masted barque used to carry emigrants to the new world from 1845-1870. Co. Wexford, Ireland.

U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle

U.S.S. Constellation

Frigate D. Fernando II e Glória
The last Frigate to server under sail in the Portugese Navy. Now a museum ship in Lisbon.

A replica of the 1606 vessel, Australia's first known European visitor.

The Netherlands.

Information on Elissa from the Texas Seaport Museum.

The Endeavour is a full scale sailing replica of the original HM Bark Endeavour in which Captain James Cook made his first historic world voyage of discovery.

Replica of the ship that founded Melbourne. Williamstown, Victoria Australia.


Bergantín Goleta Esmeralda (6ta)

An ex-steam/sail trawler which has been renovated and rebuilt into a 3-masted schooner. Based in Findland.

Bark Europa
Originally, the German lightship Senator Brockes, built in 1911.

Eye of the Wind
See also sea stories from folks who sailed on her.

A 45m barque which has worked the waters around Australia, primarily South Australia, since her purchase in 1923. She was built in Holland in 1919.

Salem, Massachusetts reconstruction of a 171-foot three-masted Salem East Indiaman.

The Barkentine Gazela, built in Portugal in 1883 of stone pine and now sailing out of Philadelphia.

Georg Stage
This is the new one. The old one, now called Joseph Conrad, is moored permanently at Mystic Seaport. The new visited the old, and I took these pictures of the new Georg Stage Sail Raising.

The Golden Hinde

Gorch Fock

Barque T/S Gunilla

Half Moon
Replica of Henry Hudson's Half Moon (Halve Maen).

Schooner Harvey Gamage
One of the vessels used by Ocean Classrooms.

T/S Havden
Swedish sail training vessel.

Hawaiian Chieftain
With Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, Aberdeen, Washington.

Isaac H. Evans
Sails on Penobscot Bay, Maine.

The SchoonerJ & B
St. John's Harbour, NF, Canada.

The SchoonerJ & B
St. John's Harbour, NF, Canada.

STSJean de la Lune

Jeanie Johnston
Replica of famous Irish famine ship.

Schooner J. & E. Riggin
Cruising the islands of Midcoast Maine.

Jens Krogh
Jens Krogh is a training vessel constructed in 1899 in wood.

Japanese training ship.

Kalmar Nyckel

Lady Ellen

Lady Washington

La Violante
Based in Sydney during the Australian summer and cruises the South Pacific, based in Vanuatu from May to November every year.

S.T.S. Leeuwin
The S.T.S. Leeuwin is a tall ship doing adventure holidays and youth development in Western Australia

Lewis R. French
Coasting schooner launched in 1871 cruising each year from Memorial Day to Columbus Day from Camden, Maine.

Buque Escuela Fragata A.R.A.Libertad
Argentine barque.

Galeasen Loyal

Madeline is a reconstruction of a mid 19th century fore and aft schooner built by the Maritime Heritage Alliance, a non profit organization based in Traverse City, Michigan. Please see their website for the other historic vessels they own.

Mamie A. Mister
Oyster Skipjack sailing in the Chesapeake.

Reproduction of John Cabot's ship.

Morning Star Trust
The Morning Star Trust is a Christian sail training organisation based in Chatham Historic Dockyard on the River Medway. The Trust operates a 62ft gaff rigged ketch Morning Star of Revelation taking young people sailing in the Thames Estuary, off the East Coast, and, weather permitting, further afield to ports in France, Belgium and Holland.

Nathaniel Bowditch
Sailing off the coast of Maine.

U.S. Brig Niagara
Reconstruction of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship in the battle of Lake Erie. Sailing out of Erie, Pennsylvania.

North End Shipyard Schooners
North End Schooners is a loose association of 2 traditonal wooden sailing vessels, Heritage and, American Eagle. They are located in Rockland, Maine and are dedicated to preserving Maine's maritime heritage by offering windjammer cruises that allow passengers to experience life at sea.

S.T.V.One and All

A three-masted topsail schooner which allows interested parties to participate as passengers on cruises to distant destinations.

HMCS Oriole
102 ft ketch owned by the Canadian Navy and used for training of Regular and Reserve Canadian Navy members.

Picton Castle
The 178 foot 3-masted steel barque will be starting an 18 month round the world voyage westward bound in the tropics with expense sharing crew and cargo. Getting underway October 1997. See also, Picton Castle.

A full-sized replica of the square-rigged vessel on which Richard Henry Dana sailed into Dana Point Harbor. Owned by the Ocean Institute.

Spirit of Dana Point
The Spirit of Dana Point is a traditionally built, accurate replica of a 1770's privateer used during the American Revolution. Owned by the Ocean Institute.

Pride of Baltimore II

The Continental Sloop Providence
A 110' foot replica of a 1775 War Sloop, currently sailing out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

S/V Quinnipiack
A two-masted, gaff-rigged centerboard schooner operated by Schooner, Inc., a non-profit marine education organization dedicated to the conservation of the environment, particularly Long Island Sound and the rivers of Connecticut.

RIGMOR von Glückstadt
The ex-customs cutter "RIGMOR", Germany's oldest seagoing sailing vessel of 1853.

Roald Amundsen
A 50 metre brig run by LebenLernen auf Segelschiffen e.V.

HMS Rose

Last of the Gloucester Grand Banks schooners in regular service. Roseway sails the coast of New England summers and the Caribbean winters. Individual & Group inquiries invited. Offshore re-positioning trips spring and fall.

The Royaliste
Replica 18th century gaff rigged square tops'l dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch.

R.Tucker Thompson
Based at Opua, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

St. Lawrence II
Operated by Brigantine Inc., a non-profit youth program for boys and girls, age 13 to 18, which started in 1953 and is one of the oldest sail training programs in North America. Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society
Sail and Life Training Society is non-profit Christian organization that is dedicated to youth training under sail. They built and operate the schooners Pacific Swift and Pacific Grace. Home port for these vessels is Victoria, BC, Canada.

Sant Juan Bautista
Replica of vessel used in Japan's first diplomatic mission to Europe in 1613. Dockside in Miyagi, Japan.

Schooner, Inc.
Schooner is a private, non-profit marine education organization dedicated to the conservation of the environment, particularly Long Island Sound and the rivers of Connecticut, and appreciation of their culture, history and future. They operate the 91-foot sailing research vessel Quinnipiack.

Sea Cloud

Sea Education Association (SEA)
Offer opportunities in education, combining the worlds of science and humanities with a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a sailing vessel at sea. Operate the SSV Robert C. Seamans and SSV Corwith Cramer.

Frigate Shtandart

Buque EscuelaSimon Bolivar
Page of BE-11 Simon Bolivar Venezuelan Tall Ship.

Skibladner II

Soren Larsen
Also see my short Soren Larsen page, and my Columbus 500 adventure.


The schooner used by SoundWaters, a nonprofit environmental education organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Long Island Sound and its watershed through hands-on learning and public awareness.

STS Spirit of New Zealand
Spirit of Adventure Trust. New Zealand based. Another site. and another.

Spirit of Massachusetts

Stad Amsterdam
A modern version of a nineteenth-century clipper.

Owned by the association "Verein zur Forderung der Segelschiffahrt e.v." Stahlratte was built in 1903 in Holland as a sailinglogger and since 1984 has been sailing in international waterways.

Star of India
Also info here.

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Stephen Taber
Sailing out of Rockport, Maine.

Replica of a 18th century schooner based in Chestertown, Maryland.

Swan fan Makkum
Brigantine sailing out of the Netherlands.

SSV Tabor Boy
29 meter schooner owned by Tabor Academy, Marion, MA.

INS Tarangini
Indian Navy three-masted Barque training vessel.

The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon
Day sailing out of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Schooner Timberwind
The Schooner Timberwind sails for 3, 4, and six day cruises on the coast of Maine. Traditional sailing at it's best with no engine on board and woodstove cooking.

Brigantine Windeward Bound
Windeward Bound is a brigantine 24.1 metres in length, with home port of Hobart, Australia.

STS Young Endeavour
Australia's sail training ship, operated for the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme by the Royal Australian Navy.

Victory Chimes
Three-masted schooner part of the Maine Windjammer fleet.

Schooner Zodiac
Based in Seattle, Washington, and is available for day sails as well as longer sailing retreats on Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

Clipper Zuid-Holland
Sails on the Dutch Waddenzee.

Svenska Kryssarklubbens Seglarskola
The Swedish Cruising Club Sail Training Foundation (english) which operates three traditional sailing vessels vessels, Gratitude, Gratia and Atlantica.

Toronto Brigantine
Run the STV Pathfinder and TS Playfair, 22m (72') brigantines

Sausalito Tall Ships Society
The Sausalito Tall Ships Society (STSS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people in traditional nautical skills and supporting the operation and preservation of traditional sailing vessels, particularly tall ships.

Association of Sea Training Organisations
The Association of Sea Training Organisations - is an "umbrella" association which exists to represent the major sail training schemes in Great Britain.

Sail Training International
Its purpose is the education and development of young people of all nationalities, religions and social background through sailing. Its subsidiary company Sail Training International Events Limited organises the Tall Ship's Races (for sail training vessels), conferences and seminars.

Southampton and Salisbury branch of STA
Includes unofficial description of STA, and also description of vessels STS Sir Winston Churchill and STS Malcolm Miller.

L'Association Francaise des Amis des Grands Voiliers
An organization whose goals include promoting sail training courses aboard tall ships from different countries.


Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race

Americas' Sail
An organization dedicated to promoting public tall ship events and festivals and an exchange of cultural experiences between, but not limited to, North and South America.

Star Clippers

Mot Bädttre Vetande, MBV
MBV operates three sail training vessels: Hawila, Astrid Finne, and soon Gunilla.

Northwest Schooner Society
The Northwest Schooner Society was established in 1994 to preserve schooners and to introduce more people to the thrill of sailing classic ships. Currently, they operate the schooners Zodiac and Martha.

Square Sail Shipyard Limited
Fleet of Square Riggers. Facilities for Film and TV. Training course.

Traverse Tall Ship Co.
Operates the schooners Manitou and Malabar out of Traverse City, Michigan in lakes Michigan and Huron.

Jubilee Sailing Trust
Where physically disabled and able-bodied people share the challenge of crewing a tall ship at sea. Southampton, England.

My Tall Ships FAQ
Mostly it is useful because it has a list of national sail training (tallship) organizations. Many of them have Web pages!

Tallship Related Items
More tallship links that have overflowed from this page.

Sailing Opportunities

This is oriented to the stuff I'm interested in. Also check out my more normal Sailboat Chartering page. It's not that these organizations don't have your nice sunny charters, but that they also have the more out-of-the-way opportunities.
Soren Larsen
Information and route of this great vessel. See my Columbus 500 adventure for instance.

Ocean Voyages
A broker I have used to find interesting sailing opportunities.

Arctic Adventours, Inc
About The Arctic Explorer Project... or why on earth does anybody want to travel to cold and remote areas?
The idea behind these expeditions is to sail to the areas & spots of the Arctic that are inaccessible by other means of transportation. By using a sailing boat, we can attain that with a maximum of comfort and a minimum of noise and pollution.

Sites that match crew and boats
This is a collection of sites that provide matching services to help crew find boats, and boats find crew.

Maritime Museums Online

Aberdeen Maritime Museum
Aberdeen Maritime Museum is currently housed one of the city's oldest surviving buildings known as Provost Ross's House (right) in the Shiprow. Through outstanding collections of maritime fine art, historic ship models, drawings and objects the Museum tells the fascinating story of the North East's long association with the sea.

Aegean Maritime Museum
Mykonos, Greece

Alexandria Seaport Foundation
The Foundation runs the Craddock Boat Building School, restores historic watercraft and conducts a marine environmental sciences program. Alexandria, Virgina.

American Merchant Marine Museum
Of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY.

American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship
American Victory is a 1945 built merchant marine vessel of the victory class. Tampa, Florida.

Annapolis Maritime Museum
Annapolis, MD.

The Antique Boat Museum
Preserving the boats, engines and artifacts, the people and skills that developed them and their influence on life along the St. Lawrence River. Clayton, New York.

Ålands Sjöfartsmuesum
This site contains information on the Åland Maritime Museum in Mariehamn including a tour of the museum. (The Åland Islands are a series of islands between Finland and Sweden.)

Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour
Sydney, Australia.

Nationaal Baggermuseum
Dutch National Museum of Dredging at Sliedrecht, Netherlands.

Bartholomeu Diaz Martime Museum
Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Bataviawerf and Nationaal Scheepshistorisch Centrum
Lelystad, The Netherlands.

Battleship Cove Fall River, Massachusetts
Five ships including U.S.S Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the Battleship Massachusetts, and the MGM replica of the HMS Bounty.

Biloxi Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum
Biloxi, Mississippi.

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology
Bodrum, Republic of Turkey.

Brasil Maritmo

Bremerton Naval Museum
Bremerton, Washington.

Calvert Marine Museum
Solomons, Maryland

Canal Park and Museum
Located on the shore of Lake Superior at the Duluth Ship Canal.

Cape Code Maritime Museum
Hyannis, MA.

Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby
Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK.

Charlestown Navy Yard
Part of the Boston National Historical Park in Boston, Mass.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Located on a peninsula in the harbor of historic and picturesque St. Michaels, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has grown from a single house when it was established in 1965 to an 18-acre campus of restored buildings and new structures erected to exhibit a comprehensive collection of Bay artifacts and to preserve the cultural heritage of the Chesapeake Bay.

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum
Chittenango, New York

Civil Engineer Corps/ Seabee Museum
Port Hueneme, California. Also annex located in Gulfport, Mississippi. Also see CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation.

The Clyde Maritime Centre
The Clyde Maritime Centre is located at Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow.

Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum
Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

Columbia River Maritime Museum
Astoria, Oregon.

Connecticut River Museum
Essex, Connecticut.

Deutsches Museum: Schiffahrt
Marine Navigation at the Deutsches Museum in München, as well as many other maritime related exhibits.

Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
German Maritime Museum. Bremerhaven, Germany.

Discovery Harbour
Replica of the Royal Naval establishment at Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada. Includes replicas of H.M.S. Tecumseth and H.M.S. Bee.

Door County Maritime Museum
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. (On Lake Michigan).

The Dory Shop
Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Egan Institute of Maritime Studies
Nantucket, Massachusetts.

East End Seaport Maritime Museum
Greenport, Long Island, New York.

The Erie Canal Museum
The Erie Canal Museum is located in Syracuse, NY, on the site of the original canal that once passed through the heart of the city of Syracuse. The museum features many exhibits of canal era activities, including the construction and the influence that the canal has had on the economic and cultural development of upstate New York.

Essex Historical Society & Shipbuilding Museum
Includes a museum and the Story Shipyard. Essex, Massachusetts.

The Estonian State Maritime Museum (Meremuuseum)
Exhibits the general history of shipping and fishing in Estonia. Tallinn, Estonia.

Exeter Maritime Museum

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fisherman's Life Museum
Jeddore Oyster Ponds, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet
Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg, Denmark.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum
Victoria, Australia.

Francis Russell Hart Nautical Museum at MIT
The focus of the collections has been on the technical history of ship and small craft design, construction, and propulsion. The majority of the material is from the New England area in the late 19th century and the 20th century. As this has mirrored the work done in the Department of Ocean Engineering, the collections also contain items from the department's history. Physically, the holdings consist of drawings, books, models, photographic materials, marine art and artifacts.

Geelong Maritime Museum
North Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
Whitefish Point, Michigan.

Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Norfolk, Virginia.

Handels- og Søfartsmuseet på Kronborg
Danish Maritime Museum, Kronborg, Helsing, Denmark.

Havre de Grace Maritime Museum
Havre de Grace, Maryland

Hellenic Maritime Museum
Piraeus, Hellas, Greece.

The Herreshoff Marine Museum & America's Cup Hall of Fame
Bristol, Rhode Island.

Hudson River Maritime Museum
Kingston, New York.

The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow
Includes a nice virtual exhibit: Captain Cook: Voyage of Discovery and promise of an upcoming one on the Vikings.

Independence Seaport Museum
Located on Philadelphia's historic Penn's Landing.

Inland Seas Maritime Museum
Vermilion, Ohio.

Institute for Exploration
Dr. Robert Ballard's institute, associated with the Mystic Aquarium.

Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum
USS Intrepid moored in New York City Harbor.

Jeremiah O'Brien
Liberty Ship

The Kendall Whaling Museum
Sharon, Mass.

Kilens Skeppsbyggnadsmuseum
History of shipbuilding, shipbuilders and ships of Sideby in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. Over 130 sailing vessels were built on the shipyards of Sideby between 1828-1920 (in Swedish).

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Basin Harbor, Vermont.

Long Island Maritime Museum
West Sayville, New York.

Los Angeles Maritime Museum
San Pedro, California.

Maine Maritime Museum
Founded in 1962, Maine Maritime Museum collects, preserves and interprets materials relating to the maritime history of Maine. It is located on the banks of the Kennebec River in Bath.

Maine Watercraft Museum
Thomaston, Maine.

The Mariners' Museum
There are more than 35,000 artifacts, 500,000+ photographic images and negatives, as well as one of the largest Maritime library collection in the Western Hemisphere ( over 75,000 volumes in the collection). Gosh, and a bunch of it is starting to appear online!

Marinemuseet i Horten

Marine Museum at Fall River
Fall River, Mass.

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes At Kingston
Collection contains artifacts representative of those used aboard sailing, steam and small craft on the Great Lakes; 8,000 titles in the library covering most aspects of Canadian marine activities; design drawings, shipyards, builders plans (30,000 items); private and corporate papers, cinematic, video and audio tapes; database of 4500 ships registered at ports on the Great Lakes mostly from the 19th century. Includes info on research services.

Marinha de Guerra Portuguesa
Portugal War Navy Museum. Lisbon, Portugal.

Swedish Naval Museum. On the island of Stumholmen, which lies close to the centre of Karlskrona.

Maritime Command Museum
Features exhibits, artifacts, photographs and historical documents from the Royal Canadian Navy. Halifax, NS, Canada.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the marine history division of the Nova Scotia Museum. This unique museum, located on the revitalized Halifax waterfront, offers visitors many opportunities to discover Atlantic Canada's maritime heritage.

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Maritime Museum of Crete

The Maritime Museum of Finland
Helsinki, Finland.

Maritime Museum of Monterey
Monterey, California.

Maritime Museum of Townsville
Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Maritime & Yachting Museum
Stuart, Florida.

Marquette Maritime Museum
The Marquette Maritime Museum tells the story of the Maritime heritage of Marquette and Lake Superior. Located in Marquette, Michigan.

Mary Rose Virtual Museum
The Mary Rose was a four masted warship, built on the orders of Henry VIII between 1510 and 1511. After a long and successful period of service she sank accidentally during an engagement with the French fleet in the Solent in 1545. Her rediscovery and raising were one of the seminal events in the history of nautical archaeology. The ship was raised by and is being cared for by the Mary Rose Trust. There is also news.

Merseyside Maritime Museum
Liverpool, UK.

Michigan Maritime Museum
South Haven, Michigan.

Minnesota Marine Art Museum
Winona, Minnesota.

Mississippi River Museum
Dubuque, Iowa.

Miyagi Prefesture Sailing Ship Musium
Miyagi, Japan. (I currently only have a link to their vessel).

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
On January 30, 1975, the U.S. designated its first national marine sanctuary. The site was the wreck of the USS Monitor, a Civil War vessel that lies off the coast of North Carolina.

The Musée de la Mer
Magdalen Islands.

Musée national de la Marine
Paris, France.

Museo Navale Romano

Museo Naval y Marítimo
Valparaiso - Chile

Museu de Marinha - Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum was founded by King Luís on July 22nd 1863 in Lisbon, Portugal. Includes history of the museum and images from their collection.

Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain.

The Museum in Docklands
Explores the story of London's River. London, UK.

Museum of Tropical Queensland
Maritime archeology center. Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Museum of Yachting
Newport, Rhode Island.

Mystic Seaport
Mystic Seaport is a non-profit museum whose mission is to tell the story of America and the Sea. Founded in 1929, the Museum has become the largest institution of its kind, with 22,000 members, 450,000 annual visitors, and more than two million items in the collection, including the largest assemblage of historic watercraft in existence.

Nantucket Life-Saving Museum

The National Maritime Museum
The museum in Greenwich, London.

National Maritime Museum Association
The National Maritime Museum Association is a non profit organization dedicated to maritime preservation and education in order to enhance public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of our national maritime heritage. The Association assists, and encourages community participation in and support of, the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, a unit of the National Park Service.

National Maritime Museum (Israel)
Information on this museum located in Haifa.

National Museum of Naval Aviation
Pensacola, Florida.

NAUTICUS, The National Maritime Center. A family-oriented nautical "theme park" with over 150 interactive, and fun, exhibits relating to the sea and man's relationship with it.

The Naval Museum of Alberta

Naval Museum of Thera
Santorini, Greece.

Naval Undersea Museum
Keyport, Washington.

The Navy Museum
U.S. Navy. Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.

Nelson's Dockyard Museum
This museum tells the story of English Harbour and of the people that toiled and sweated in this naval yard. It will also explain the 20th century return of sailing ships and the aims and aspirations of Nelson's Dockyard National Park. A library and database of Caribbean naval history is available for researchers. - St. John's, Antigua, West Indies.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park
Commemorates the history and heritage of New Bedford as the world's leading port for the whaling industry. New Bedford, Massachusetts.

New Jersey Naval Museum
Home of the submarine: USS LING SS-297. Hackensack, New Jersey.

New Netherland Museum
Croton-on-Hudson, New York. The museum operates the Half Moon, a reproduction of the ship that Henry Hudson sailed from Holland to the New World in 1609.

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
Newport Beach, California.

New Zealand National Maritime Museum
Celebrates New Zealand's maritime heritage and the voyaging traditions and craft of the Pacific. Auckland, New Zealand.

Nippon-Maru Memorial Park & Yokohama Maritime Museum
Yokohama, Japan.

Nobska News: New England Steamship Foundation
Nobska News is the official newsletter of the New England Steamship Foundation, the non-profit society dedicated to the preservation of the S.S. NOBSKA, America's last coastal steamship.

Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum
The Norwegian Maritime Museum located in Oslo.

North Carolina Maritime Museum
The North Carolina Maritime Museum documents, collects, preserves, and researches the maritime history--and its corollary natural history-- of coastal North Carolina for the purpose of interpreting this history through educational services and exhibits for our contemporary society, and passing intact its material culture to future generations.

NYK Maritime Museum (Nippon Yusen Rekishi-Shiryokan)
Yokohama, Japan.

Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center
Seattle, Washington.

Old Dartmouth Historical Society - New Bedford Whaling Museum
New Bedford, Massachusetts. intact its material culture to future generations.

Oregon Maritime Center and Museum
Portland, Oregon.

The Peabody Essex Museum
Includes an interesting section on Maritime Art and History.

Penobscot Marine Museum
Searsport, Maine.

Pensacola Maritime Preservation Society
Pensacola, Florida.

Plymouth Naval Base Museum
Plymouth, UK.

Port Albert Maritime Museum
Port Albert, Victoria, Australia.

Port of Echuca
A working steam port. Echuca, Victoria, Australia.

Portland Maritime Discovery Centre
Portland, Victoria, Australia.

Portsmouth Historic Ships
The British Royal Dockyard, the Royal Naval Museum along with the vessels, The Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior 1860.

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society
Working to establish a permanent Maritime Heritage Center, they currently exhibit materials at a variety of Seattle, WA sites.

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
Lexington Park, Maryland.

Queensland Maritime Museum
South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Reedville Fishermen's Museum
Dedicated to preserving the heritage of the maritime history of the Virginia Chesapeake Bay area. Reedsville, Virginia.

The River and Rowing Museum
Mill Meadows, Henley-on-Thames, England.

A Short History of the Royal Greenwich Observatory

Saginaw River Marine Historical Society
Bay City, Michigan

Salem Maritime National Historic Site
U.S. National Park established to preserve and interpret the maritime history of New England and the United States. Salem, Massachusetts.

Samson V Maritime Museum
New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada.

San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum
USS Midway.

San Diego Maritime Museum
Including info on the Star of India.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Also check out the pages by the National Maritime Museum Association about this U.S. National Park, including information on their historic vessels.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara, California.

Netherlands Maritime Museum, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Schifffahrts- und Marinemuseum Schloss Tessenow

Shelburne Museum
Home of the steamship Ticonderoga. The Ticonderoga is America's last remaining side paddlewheel passenger steamer with a vertical beam engine of the type that provided freight and passenger service on America's lakes and rivers from the early l9th to mid-20th centuries. A registered National Historic Landmark, the Ti was commissioned by the Champlain Transportation Company and built in 1906 at the Shelburne Shipyard on Lake Champlain.

Smithsonian: The Hall of American Maritime Enterprise
Overview from the National Museum of American History. The Hall of American Maritime Enterprise portrays three centuries of ocean and river commerce with photographs, objects, films, and models of sailing ships and steamships.

The National Maritime Museum of Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden.

Soo Locks Visitor's Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facility describing the history of locks on the Great Lakes. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

South African Maritime Museum
Cape Town, South Africa

South Australian Maritime Museum
Port Adelaide, SA, Australia.

A la rencontre de Sindbad
An exhibit at Musée de la marine in Paris, placed online by The french ministry of culture and francophonie. I haven't found a pointer to the museum itself, yet.

The Southport Maritime Museum
The Southport Maritime Museum houses a collection of memorabilia pertaining to the vast nautical history of 'The Lower Cape Fear' area of southeastern North Carolina. [Not much info on the net yet, 8/12/95 - but a start!]

The South Street Seaport Museum
The South Street Seaport Museum occupies the site of the original port in lower Manhattan, New York City. This eleven-square-block historic district of stone-paved streets and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings takes its name from the renowned "Street of Ships," and is now home to the museum's fleet of historic vessels.

Stavanger Sjøfartsmuseum
The Stavanger Maritime Museum is a department of Stavanger Museum. Stavanger, Norway.

Svensk dykerihistorisk förening
The Swedish Historical Diving Society was founded in 1979 to save the old Navy escape training tower for future generations. Located in central Stockholm and near the Vasa museum.

Sydney Maritime Museum
Sydney, Australia

Sydney Heritage Fleet
Includes the tall ship 1874 barque James Craig, classic steamers and sailing craft, and a library and extensive photo collection. Sydney, Australia

The Noble Maritime Collection
The Noble Maritime Collection, is a museum and maritime study center located on the historic grounds of New York's Staten Island's Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Tahoe Maritime Museum
Lake Tahoe, CA.

Texas Maritime Museum
Rockport, Texas.

Texas Seaport Museum

Toms River Seaport Society and Maritime Museum
Toms River, New Jersey.

Tuckerton Seaport
Showcases the rich maritime history of Southern Ocean County, New Jersey. Tuckerton, New Jersey.

Turkish Naval Museum
Istanbul, Turkey.

Untzi Museoa - Museo Naval
Donostia / San Sebastian, Spain.

U.S. Coast Guard Museum
Located in Waesche Hall on the grounds of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.

U.S. Merchant Marine Museum
Museum devoted to the U.S. merchant seaman of World War II. Anderson, Indiana.

U.S. Naval Academy Museum
Annapolis, Maryland.

U.S. Naval Museum of Armament & Technology
China Lake, California.

United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum
Quincy, Massachusetts

U.S. Naval War College Museum
Newport, RI

U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum
Home of the USS Nautilus. Located on the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut.

U.S. Navy Supply Corps Museum
Athens, Georgia.

USS Constitution Museum
Boston, Massachusetts.

Vancouver Maritime Museum
Information on the museum, including the vessel RCMP schooner St. Roch

The Vasa Museum
In August 1628 the royal warship Vasa heeled over and sank on her maiden voyage, before leaving Stockholm harbour. The Vasa was the most expensive and perhaps most richly decorated naval vessel that Sweden had ever built. She was the King`s pride and the mightiest naval ship of her time. In 1956 Anders Franzén found the ship and initiated one of Sweden`s largest ever projects of marine archaeology. There is also a museum overview.

Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde
Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.

Walker Transportation Collection
This organization is associated with the Beverly Historical Society & Museum in Beverly, Mass and have around 100,000 photos covering all forms of transportation in New England. A good number of them cover ships and boats in and around New England. They also have a collection of books and other related material, pertaining to nautica. All material is avaiable to the public.

Western Australian Maritime Museum
The Western Australian Maritime Museum is part of the Western Australian Museum. It is located in Fremantle and consists of the Maritime Museum, the Historic Boats Museum as museum venues and the Departments of Maritime Archaeology, Maritime History and Education.

Westport Maritime Museum
Westport, Washington.

The Steamer William G. Mather Museum
The William G. Mather is a retired Great Lakes Bulk Freighter. In December, 1987, the Steamer William G Mather was donated to The Great Lakes Historical Society. In October 1990, she was moved to her permanent berth at the East Ninth Street Pier on Cleveland's North Coast Harbor.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Presents history of the ships of Lake Michigan. Exhibits include the WWII submarine USS Cobia. Located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

The Wooden Boat Foundation
Located in the heart of the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington.

New York and New Jersey Info
Some stuff I've collected about maritime sites in the NY - NJ area.

Cubberley & Shaw Maritime Museum News
Website for a newsletter that provides information about maritime heritage activities throughout New England.

International Congress of Maritime Museums
A professional guild of institutions, organizations, and individuals in the maritime-preservation field, dedicated to international friendship, collegial cooperation, and mutual understanding.

Council of American Maritime Museums

Maritime Museums in Greece
Gopher information on maritime and naval museums in Greece.

A listing or hypertext of maritime museums. Look here for for museums in the UK.
The first listing is collected from sci.military, and is definitely biased toward places that have boats, especially ones of military significance. The second is the first augmented. The last is UK only.

Robert H. Smith's Index
Or more formally: Robert H. Smith's Master Index of North American Maritime Museum Internet Resources.

Other Sailing Resources

The majority of this section is now located at other sailing resources, but I thought I'd leave a handful of sites as a teaser.
Sailing FAQ or Sailing FAQ
Two locations of the rec.boats FAQ maintained by jfh@cs.brown.edu (John Forbes Hughes). Here is some info on his boat Sarah.

A directory of boat images from Steve Blair at tivoli.com

PPL Photo Gallery
Samples of of photographs held by PPL by subject.

Wavelength Studios
Sailing images from Andrew Sims, Marine Photographer.

Popeye the Sailor
I have to admit, I much prefer the original Segar Popeye to the later versions.

International Maritime Organization
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations' specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.

U.S. Coast Guard Online Resources

Links to Coast Guard Related Web Sites

Canadian Coast Guard
Information on the Canadian Coast Guard and boating in Canada.

Rescue Coordination Centre Bermuda / Bermuda Harbour Radio

Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Also see Red Bay RNLI Lifeboat Station

International Marine Signal Flags, semaphores, some national flags and the comprehensivePub. No. 102: International Code of Signals.
For instance you now know the interpretation of the flag sequence:
M S 4
My vessel is a dangerous source of radiation; you may approach from aft.

Tide Info
This account is intended to provide an easily accessible data base of tidal heights and winds along the U.S. east coast. See README file.

These are a sample of GPS information available on the net.

NMEA 0183 Interface
This is a small sample of NMEA 0183 information available on the net. I haven't been following this very carefully, so there are probably better references.

More Sailing Resources!
This is where I've moved all those other sites, that weren't easily catagorized, but yet I found interesting.

Mark wrestling with a Major Boat

steering Soren Larsen

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler: mbrmbr@acm.org

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