Maritime Archaeology Resources

If we do not know our own history, we are doomed to live it as though it were our private fate.

--Hannah Arendt in Carolyn Heilbrun, Writing a Woman's Life 1988.

Maritime Archaeology

Combined Caesarea Excavations
Information about research conducted of Sebastos: King Herod's Harbor.

Issues in Underwater Archaeology
From the Connecticut Office of State Archaeology.

Exhibit dedicated to sub-marine archaeology
Another exhibit from The french ministry of culture.

Guide to Historic Wrecks of the United Kingdom
The Guide includes general information about The Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 and its implementation, the role of the Archaeological Diving Unit and the Receiver of Wreck system. All the current designated Historic Wreck Sites (forty-one) are listed together with details of their designation, licenses issued, summary of historical significance, location and short bibliography.

Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology
Promotes interest, research and knowledge of maritime archaeology and heritage in Great Britain with core activities concentrated in the counties of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the adjacent South Coast areas.

The NAVIS I project
An open database, presenting the ships of each of the NAVIS I project partners.

Nordic underwater archaeology
Wide-ranging information on underwater archaeology.

If you're interested in universities specializing in underwater archaeology, you should also check out my education section.

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