Educational Opportunities

The skills I acquired as a sailor served me well, for they gave me a sense of pace which I might not otherwise possess. I see people all about me who have never developed an adequate inner clock and who are never at one with the wind because of it. The frantic individual tacks too soon, jumping from job to job, friendship to friendship, spouse to spouse, losing headway at every turn. The obtuse individual remains on the same tack too long, investing too much time, talent, and energy in a course that takes him far from his avowed objective. But the seasoned sailor stays on the same tack as long as it appears advantageous, and then, at the appropriate moment, pushes the tiller toward the sail and deftly changes direction.

- Richard Bode First you have to row a little boat

Educational Opportunities

(Schools with Maritime History or Maritime Archaeology or maritime related degrees and certificates. If you have pointers to online info on programs at Oxford, Curtin Univ. or the Institute for Western Maritime Archaeology at Berkeley, please let me, know. See sailing clubs for online university sailing clubs and sailing instruction for learn-to-sail type opportunities.)
Maritime and Naval Academies
At least the ones I've found.

Center for Maritime Archaelogy
Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

The Centre for Research in Maritime Archaeology and History
Under University of Bristol, Department of Archaeology. See also their M.A. Program.

Centre For Maritime & Regional History
CMRH is sponsored by Fiskeri- og Søxfartsmuseet, Esbjerg and the University of Aarhus as a research centre and postgraduate course in maritime and regional history.

East Carolina University - Program in Maritime Studies
Masters program in Maritime History and Archaeology. Greenville, North Carolina.

Maritime Studies at The Evergreen State College
Undergraduate program. Olympia, Washington.

University of Exeter
MA and Ph.D. programme from the Centre for Maritime Historical Studies. Devon, UK.

Flinders University
Maritime Archaeology program. Adelaide, Australia.

Florida State University
Program in Underwater Archaeology. Tallahassee, Florida.

Greenwich Maritime Institute
The maritime education offered includes postgraduate degrees in Maritime History, Maritime Policy and Maritime Management and an Mphil/PhD in Maritime Studies. At the University of Greenwich, London, England.

History Dept at Memorial University Of Newfoundland, Canada
The department and the Maritime Studies Research Unit are internationally esteemed in the area of maritime history: the history of seaborne commerce, shipping and international fisheries. The department has considerable experience in the application of statistical analysis to massive data sets. Since 1989, the International Journal of Maritime History has been published at Memorial. Maritime history is one of the fields in which the department offers a PhD degree. The University also has the Marine Institute which offers degrees in Maritime Studies and nondegree courses.

MIT Ocean Engineering
The Pratt School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, was established through a bequest to MIT in 1912, and the name was changed to encompass a broader focus about 20 years ago. Also known as Course 13.

Frank C. Munson Institute
A summer graduate-level program consisting of courses in American Maritime History is offered at Mystic Seaport through the Munson Institute. I have documented my experiences in this program in 1995, and in summary, it was one of the most worthwhile courses of studies in my career. Be warned that it is a lot of work!

NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study
It was through this program that I received my M.A. in U.S. Maritime History.

Scottish Institute Of Maritime Studies
Established within the University of St Andrews to further interdisciplinary teaching and research into the archaeology, ethnology, and history of humankind's relationship with the sea

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
A totally cool place to learn the physical sciences view of the media we sail through, but I actually only included it here, because when I grow up, it'd be a fun place to dream about teaching maritime history there.

Sea Education Association
Offers academic programs in ocean studies combining onshore classes in marine science and maritime studies with an offshore sailing and research experience.

Texas A&M Nautical Archaeology Program

Texas A&M Galveston
Undergraduate Maritimee Studies major.

University College London
MA in Maritime Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology.

University of New Orleans School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Webb Institute
Webb Institute is fully accredited, and offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Williams - Mystic Maritime Studies
An undergraduate program offering undergraduate courses in literature of the sea, marine policy, maritime history, oceanography and marine ecology.

Boston University Explorations in Learning Program
Short courses, often with maritime related theme.

University of Delaware Graduate College of Marine Studies
A bunch of good stuff including an interactive database of research information covering all aspects of marine studies. Includes WOCE (World Oceanic Circulation Experiment) information and program information, research ship schedules and information, a Who's Who of e-mail and mailing addresses for oceanic studies. Information about data from a variety of academic institutions based on research studies are also available.

Inland Seas Education Association
Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a floating classroom where people of all ages can gain first-hand training and experience in the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Kidd's Odyssey
Utilizing the City of Elliot Lake a fully restored Montague whaler, provides training cruises, crewed by members of Elliot Lake's sea cadet corps: Captain Kidd.

Youth Maritime Training Association
The Youth Maritime Training Association was formed to promote the preparation of young people from all backgrounds for a career in the maritime industry. They work with Washington State schools in grade levels K-12.

Maritime and Naval Academies
At least the ones I've found.

The National Association of Marine Laboratories
I actually only put this here, so I could reference David Remsen's tale of building a Glouchester Light Dory.

Westlawn Institute Of Marine Technology
A nationally accredited, internationally recognized distance study school offering professional courses in yacht design and related marine technology subjects.

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler:

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