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Squalls, doldrums, heavy seas, gear failures, being tired, being cold are the condition for sailing, part and parcel of the commitment to get from here to there -- not enemies to be eliminated, but companions to be danced with.

- Unknown.

There are at least a zillion weather sites. Check out Yahoo! or one of the many search engines. These are a handful that I have found useful in preparing for the weekend sail. I have no interest in keeping up with weather sites, so this page will not change much, if ever.

Some Useful Weather info

The U.S. National Weather Service
Especially useful here are the marine weatherfaxes.

National Weather Data
NWS info from Ohio State

Java (tm) Demos and Work in Progress
Useful Java applets with weather maps and sat. data from U. Ill.

Current Observation for Thomas Point, MD
A little real-time buoy action.

National Data Buoy Center
The National Data Buoy Center (NDBC), a Department of Commerce agency, deploys buoys throughout the world's oceans and lakes. NDBC also operates many coastal, land-based stations. Meteorological and oceanographic variables such as wind speed and direction and wave conditions are measured hourly by sensors onboard these buoys and land stations.

sci.geo.meteorology FAQ
Ok. So you want more. Check out this extraordinary faq put together by Ilana Stern.

Oceanweather Inc.
A private marine forecasting and consulting firm that makes available some of their data on the web for noncommercial use.

Marine section of intellicast.com.

Marine Weather dot Com
A bunch of useful info.

Some Weather Services (some require fees)

Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream
Fee service which provides Gulf Stream charts for mariners.

Ocean Strategies
Ocean Strategies is a weather, routing and seamanship technology company, specializing in providing customized routing packages and instruction in weather analysis and interpretation. I took a weather course from Michael Carr, the president of this company.

This business is run as a low-cost subscription service, with lots of free material.

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