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"I looked back now at Staten Island with the Horn behind, and I hoped to God I should come that way no more in sail. I had hoped that before, perhaps even more fervently on at least two occasions; yet here I was again. And I made no promises and took no oaths, for I knew well that my life, such as it is, is too bound up in these ships for me to make forecasts. If the ships bring me here again I suppose I shall come. But I hope not."

- Alan Villiers

More Tallship Sites

Americas' Sail
Info on their 2006 Tall Ship event.

European Maritime Heritage
A non-governmental organization for private owners of traditional ships, as well as for maritime museums and other interested bodies.

The Ships of South Street
A Web Site About Tall Ships, especially the ships of South Street Seaport Museum.

Tallships in Sweden
Some images from a tallship visit to Sweden.

Tall-Ship Fan
Sailing ships with data, photos, history, etc.

Offering direct links to Tall Ships, port festivals, Tall Ship media and other subjects connected with Tall Ships.

Tall-Ship Friends Hamburg e.V.
Tall-Ship Friends is a non-profit-making organisation whose aim is to support windjammers by promoting sail training. They are concentrating on the Russian vessels MIR and KRUZENSHTERN and the Ukrainean TOVARISHCH.

Golden Gate Tall Ships Society
Their objectives are to have fun, raise money by supporting and chartering tall ships and give it away to children for sailing adventures. San Francisco, California.

The Maine Windjammer Association
An association of traditional sailing ships in Maine.

Tall Ship Millennium Challenge
A project that sponsored 500 Canadian youth to sail in the Tall Ships 2000 race. The project is now going into its second phase where they are building an official Canadian Tall Ship.

Tall Ships Tales
Memories of sailing the Eye of the Wind.

Pictures from Amsterdam Sail 2000
From Julie Boring.

Tall Ships 2000 - Southampton

Tallships 2000 Race (Bermuda page)

Images from LIFE's Shipyard
Some Tall Ships that have visited Lunenburg harbour.

Northwest Schooner Society

Sail Shetland
The main object of the company is to "Advance the education and physical, mental and spiritual development of young people from Shetland and elsewhere by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for training in sailing and seamanship so that they grow to full maturity as individuals and members of Society". Sail Shetland has been successful in attracting the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races to Lerwick in 1999, and will be responsible for organising the event whilst it is in Lerwick.

Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race
The Official Site.

SchoonerMan's Tall Sailing Ships
Lots of links to tall ship related information.

Schooner Links
Links to many schooners.

Boundless Windjammers is planning on building, "An Accessible Schooner For Those with Limited Mobility".

They are building a brig on Skeppsholmen, right in the heart of Stockholm, with the old swedish naval brig Gladan as model.

Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Association
They are planning on building a "floating, traveling classroom", a reproduction of a 19th Century Great Lakes Schooner; a 130 foot, three masted vessel. It will be built on Milwaukee's lakefront, with Wisconsin products and labor.

Project to build a replica of Dunbrody, a three masted barque, originally built in Quebec, Canada to be used to tell the tale of the Irish emigration to the U.S. and Canada.

Götheborg III
Building a replica of a Swedish East India vessel.

Heritage Tall Ships, Inc.
They are located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada and are in the process of converting a research vessel into a Barque, to represent Canada in the Tall Ship 2000 Race.

Island Rover
Building the steel two-masted topsail schooner Island Rover.

Mayflower 2000
In summer 1997 - as part of the UK's millenium celebrations for the year 2000 - the construction of the Mayflower 2000 will begin on Chambers Wharf in Southwark (by the side of the River Thames in London, England).

Spirit of South Carolina
The South Carolina Maritime Heritage Foundation, is undertaking to build a magnificent tall ship to be named the Spirit of South Carolina.

A reproduction of the 18th century schooner.

Sail Training Barquentine Calliope
Design for a sail training vessel as part of the diploma thesis of Tobias Bender.

Publicly Accessible Large Historic Vessels
A listing from the U.S. National Park Service's National Maritime Initiative

Brigantine Romance

They are designers, surveyors, consultants and riggers, especially for sailing vessels from 30 meters and above.

Sailing Ships
A collection of information on sailing ship terms, and information about vessels from Fredrik Sandström

Traditional Sail
A page of information and links from Andrew Draskoy.

Brigantine Boatworks
Project for the Los Angeles Maritime Museum to build twin Brigantines for youth training, the Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson.

H.M.S. Detroit Project Inc.
Site describing a proposal to build a replica of the H.M.S. Detroit the last warship to be built at the Amherstburg naval shipyards .

Portsmouth Project
Site describing a proposal to build a replica of the USS Portsmouth a sloop-of-war which took part in the battle for California in 1846.

Tallships in the Canadian Maritimes, 1995
Reports from Cristobal, a 70 foot Herreshoff ketch from Camden, Maine.

Book a Berth
A travel service booking bunks aboard tall ships.

Tall Ships at Halifax
Photos are by MARK macphail of the tallships at Halifax in 2000.

Crewing aboard the tall ship Endeavour
A tale from Dick McMahon.

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