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"I thought the boat was great; it even had a jib, and it leaked only a little bit. But safe it was not, being a wild heavy thing, not capsizable, but very sinkable. Running before the wind with all sail set, this crazy boat became a submarine, diving into the waves and seemingly never coming up. Still, she was mine. I was used to her cranky ways, and she was a lot more boat than the other children had, cursed as they were with nervous parents."

-Kitty Crockett Roberson

Yahoo: Recreation:Outdoors:Boating:Sailing and Yahoo: Business and Economy:Companies:Outdoors:Boating:Sailing
If you don't know about Yahoo!, you should.

The Sailing Source
Many sailing resources in a magazine format.

The information source for cruisers and racers with particular emphasis on boats over 25' in length.

The Anchorage at Online96
A website for the fisherman, the boat enthusiast, and all of those that enjoy water sports.

Aquatic Network
The Aquatic Network is an information service for the aquatic world. Subject areas covered include aquaculture, fisheries, limnology, maritime heritage, oceanography, ocean engineering, and seafood. The Aquatic Network includes databases, news, articles, employment and business opportunities, publications, an online store, and a products/services directory.

A good list of marinas, as well as other information.

Essential Boating on the WEB
An index of boating links on the web.

The Mother of All Maritime Links
John Kohnen's Nautical Links List

Europdäisches Segel Informationssystem
European Sailing-Informationsystem

The Sailing Index
Links from Steve Jones.

Die Suchmaschine fuer Segel-, Tauch-, Wassersport und Meer.

AboarD Boats & Yachts Market Ltd
This site hosts pages and boat dossiers for many major names in the boating market including Sunseeker, Ocean, and Lursen. They also have a major directory of marine companies from round the world.

An on-line Journal and marketplace for boaters and individuals who are drawn to boats and love to be on the water.

Before the Wind Sailing Corporation
Links to sailing and marine related web pages.

Marine Publications Company
Publisher of Boating/Marine Yellow Pages.

Maritime Home Page
Resources for boaters, professional mariners, marine educators, marine spill response, oil exploration & transportation, and for those interested in the oceans.

The Maritime Global Net
Though clearly aimed at professional mariners, a very substantial collection of material on associations, ports (commercial), and other useful information.

Mariner's Net
The Mariners Net, is a Dynamic, On-Line, Interactive, Multimedia magazine dedicated to boating enthusiasts of all types.

Maritime Information Gateway | NMM Port
Port is an online catalogue of high quality maritime related Internet resources. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist.

A site of sailing links.

The Ultimate Sailing Resource Guide
Links to sailing related resources.

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler: mbrmbr@acm.org

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