Other People's Sailing Stories

"And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over."

- John Masefield Sea Fever

Various tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Sailing Adventures

Antica sailed around the world in 1991-1997. Her home town is Gdansk in Poland. On this page you can find regular reports from the current trip and more than 150 pictures from Patagonia, and many more interesting places.

Atlantic Cruise 2001
Pictures and a report about a sailing voyage as a trainee on board the barque Stadsraad Lehmkuhl from New York to Brest via the Azores.

"brinyman's" Web Site
Featuring the Hinshaw Family's current project of building a 38.5 express cruiser from scratch. Also, their involvement in yachting and other "goodies".

Cruising Clayoquot
Cruising Clayoquot (west coast of Vancouver Island) by Tim Whelan.

Cruising Coastal Carolina
A site by Steve from Matthews North Carolina.

Cruise USA to Australia
Trip report on voyage from N.Y. to Australia by Barry Brazier.

The Erasmus
A Nordic Folkboat.

Fram - Building and Sailing Pages
Building a F-39 trimaran.

Four Days Before The Mast
Sailing on HMS Rose.

The Great Fiordland Trip
Pictures from a sailing trip to Fiordland, New Zealand in winter.

HMS Rose Pictures
Miami to New York City Nov 28 through Dec 12, 1998, from Gene Carl Feldman.

Go West
A web page of Hellen and Jim Boswell's cruise for the last 2 years as they have sailed from San Francisco to New Zealand.

Stories from the Full Monty

Masato Fujimura's circumnavigation

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Seas

The Irreverent Navigator
Features articles on how to buy a pre-owned boat, sea trials and more.

Iwalani's Voyage Around the World

Martin Kellners' Sailing Page
Info on IF-boats.

Kelsey Family Page
Includes their trip to the Farallon Islands from Half Moon Bay on their way back to their Home Port in Alameda, CA.

Ketty Lund
A converted Danish trawler built in Agerso in 1964 by Broderna Rasmussen.

Through Mighty Seas
Tim Latham's Home Page. Information on ocean sailing including a transatlantic voyage.

Captain Lepervanche's Web Adventures.
Various tailes including "Life is a Continuous Adventure".

Retire onto a Sailboat
Bill Dietrich's extremely detailed and thoughtful site.

Sailing Stuff from Tony Pacheco
Includes a well told tale of his encounter with the NZ America's Cup boat.

At Sea
Lee Gunter, and Mindi Miller's tale of sailing around the world.

A Month Singlehanded in Maine
A tale by David Pomerantz.

Sailing the Atlantic, Cruising the Caribbean - Avalon of Arne
By Phaon Reid

Sailor's Quest
The founding principle of Sailor's Quest is that there is some truth within the beliefs of every person and culture. They are sailing around the world to make a television series about the crew's attempt to discover these truths.

Rosewell Resort
Sailing in Sweden, Tallships in Sweden, why you might live in Arizona.

Steve Stone sailing aboard Endeavour

Sue and Dave's Sailing Page
Info on Lake Erie sailing from Sue and Dave Grassley.

Summer '99 on The Bounty
by Phil Niedermann.

Buzzards Bay Sail
A sailing adventure from Forrest Whitcher.

MacGregor 26X Sailing Page

Adventure Cruising
Tales from the vessel Moxie.

Out of Bounds
The ongoing story of the sailboat Out of Bounds and her crew on a two and a half year circumnavigation.

Pacific Cup 1998
Mark Wiltz's story.

Construction of a dream sailing boat.

Remedy and Crew
Covers Several years of cruising on both Sail and Power Boats.

The Restoration of a Wooden A-Scow
This site documents the restoration of a 1966 wooden A-Scow, rechristened as CindyLou in July 1997.

The Soleil Boat Syndicate
In about 1978, five families put their meagre wealth together and purchased a small yacht called "CAPRICIO". They had no idea that 20 years later the syndicate would still be in existance...a different yacht and for the most part different people but with a continuity that owed its origins to the original syndicate. This is a web page that records the history of some of those people, the boats that they have collectively owned and the use to which they have put them.

Frode Fanebust's Sailing Adventures in Greece
Chartering in the Greek Islands, and other info.

Stories and pix from regattas she's done.

We're Sailing to Maine
The Schober's cruise to Maine.

Karen Thorndike on her yacht "AMELIA"
Currently (1998) circumnavigating the world as the first American Woman to round the 5 great capes.

Anja K's Web Site
Adelaide to Turkey.

Tim's Sailing Site
Information on racing basics, a chat page, and discussion board.

Stan Charbonneau's USS Constitution

Yacht Seerose
Cruising East Africa and SE Asia.

Around Vancouver Island
A story about circumnavigating Vancouver Island from Tim Whelan.

The Voyage of Snow Goose
This website is designed to aid all cruising sailors with updated information on destinations, anchorages, provisioning etc.

Day by day writings about the travel of the Walkabout and it's crew: Lorenzo and Annalisa.

Tales from Britt Bassett and Ilana Stern.

A beginner's sailor's tales.

Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories
A guide to online sailing adventures.

Cruiser Log
Lists Cruiser homepages, Yacht positions, free Crewfinder, Radio nets, a Message board and more.

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