Sailing Related Mailing Lists

One road leads to London.
One road runs to Wales.
My road leads me seawards
To the white dipping sails.

- John Masefield

I no longer keep track of mailing lists, only web pages, but these are some lists from the past that I have collected.

Mailing Lists

Catalina and Capri Mailing list
Mailing list for owners of Catalina and Capri sailboats.

This discussion list is a forum for historic vessel owners, craftsmen, researchers, heritage managers and museum curators to request and exchange information and advice, and to debate topical issues in the ship and classic boat preservation world.

Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America(ICYRA) Mailing List
This list is a distribution list for the purpose of spreading knowledge of and disseminating information about the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America to all interested parties. It is also the official bulletin board of the ICYRA and its member teams. Now with a new WWW ICYRA page.

live-aboard Mailing List

Spanish-American Maritime History Mailing List

MacVenture On-Line Yacht Club
The MacVenture On-Line Yacht Club is an information exchange consisting of an Internet eMail list of members who own or have interest in Venture and MacGregor trailerable sailboats.

Marine Studies/Shipboard Education List

Non-electronic Navigation Mailing List
This mailing list is for the discussion of non-electronic navigation. The primary topics are: celestial navigation, coastal piloting, dead reconing, charts, and currents, as well as weather at sea. Also there is an ftp site with navigation programs.

For those interested in the comings and goings of commercial marine vessels, and the maritime industry in general.

Searoom-L Mailing List
Devoted to discussions of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series.

Seaward Mailing List
Devoted to discussions of Seaward Line of trailerable sailboats.

TALLSHIP Mailing List
The TALLSHIP mailing list concerns discussion about traditional sailing vessels.

Tartan Mailing List
A mailing list for owners of Tartan sailboats of all sizes.

Thistle Mailing List

RMS Titanic Mailing List

US and Canadian Power Squadron Mailing List

I haven't subscribed to this list, but was told it was about boat-owner's concerns.

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler:

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