Sailing Haikus from the palette of Mark Rosenstein

"It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there."

- William Carlos Williams

A Haiku in Tribute to Morse SOS (11/5/99)

Help me, help me do
three dots three dashes three dots
to hell with EPIRBs

On the passing of POB (1/7/00)

Patrick O'Brian.
God speed ya mate, till we meet
on Fiddler's Green.

A Separation (1/7/00)

Exercise and Sail.
Jane and Ted, the perfect pair.
But not Tenacious.

Untitled (1/7/00)

Awake still tonight.
Unbidden Haikus haunt me.
Anchovies' revenge.

Reflections of America's Cup 2000 (1/7/00)

Win at any cost. Aye.
Skip a race, lie, or sandbag.
We are diminished.

Reflections on the announcement of Jim Clark's new yacht Athena (2/19/00)

The long line is length.
Two hundred ninety two feet.
The short line is why.

After seeing the movie The Perfect Storm (6/30/00)

Sitting over lunch
A good friend and I discussed
The Perfect Storm book.

We wholely agreed.
It's a pale imitation
of Farley Mowatt.

Lord. Please help me not
rush to a destination,
when you want it not.

A good skipper knows
when to push on. The best feels
the time to heave-to.

Where I be, or how to contact me (12/13/00)

I'll sail most places,
oceans, bays, or reservoirs.
On land, use email.

Musings (5/28/03)

A rainy, drizzly,
Memorial Day weekend.
Oh to be sailing!

Variant of an unattributed haiku (8/2/03)

At the shout, "Last Call!"
Sailing friends raise their glasses
Glad again they met.

A restaurant thought (9/11/05)

When my urine stinks,
I've enjoyed asparagus.
Excuse me stall next door.

Another day at the Rez (7/3/06)

I love lake sailing.
Pirouetting 360,
Still on the same tack!

I have always been fascinated by the power of language, and amazed at how 17 syllables can run the gamut from sublime humor to evoking raw emotion.

It appears maritime law, Mackensworth v. American Trading Transportation Co. can also sometimes be poetic.

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