Experimental Sailing Search

After 7 years, the experiment has ended. See below pages for more info.

This search facility is part of an ongoing experiment into providing better search options for the Web. The ideas here are based on Restricted Domain Search as applied to the domain of sailing. In this instance documents are periodically indexed in a breadth-first depth 3 web walk from my sailing page. The links that are returned can point you both back into this site, and also to other sites with sailing information.

If you want to just search for info on a given page, such as my sailing-page, it is best to use the search (usually labeled find) that comes with your WWW browser. If you want to find something not related to sailing, it is best to use google, lycos or some other more general search facility.

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler: mbrmbr@acm.org

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