Bounty Encounter

"Make Voyages! Attempt Them! There's nothing else..."

-- Camino Real by Tennessee Williams

While crusing in the Chesapeake on Memorial Day weekend 1999, we heard that the Pride of Baltimore was going to be on the Bay. We were at Chesapeake City on the C&D Canal. As we were leaving the Pride came by, but too far away for us to catch a picture. We raced out and tried to catch the Pride, but with no luck. We then started sailing toward our destination, Fairlee Creek.

We noticed on the horizon, another tallship heading down the Bay. We tacked over and got this picture of Bounty. [Or at least I think it was Bounty, as we really didn't get all that close.][update 1/15/00 - got email from one of the crew of Bounty who was on the boat at that time, so it was Bounty!]

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