SiteSeer: An Interactive Treeviewer for Visualizing Web Activity HCI'98 Short Paper by Eric Sigman, Robert Farrell, and Mark Rosenstein. Presented by Mark Rosenstein.

SiteSeer Slides from HCI'98

SiteSeer is an interactive visualization tool designed to support the work of web site analysts in such tasks as understanding web site traffic patterns and effective advertisement placement. SiteSeer integrates visualization of the content, structure, and utilization aspects of a web space.

SiteSeer with site
This slide shows the SiteSeer interface. Behind the SiteSeer window is the front page of the site being studied.

This slide is a close-up view of the SiteSeer interface. On the right is the tree view of the site (currently showing the top level pages) and on the left are the control buttons for SiteSeer.

Tree Expanded
This slide shows the site tree expanded. The two boxes next to each node (or page) control the visibility of children pages. The rightmost box (with either a plus or minus icon) allows the tree to be expanded or collapsed by the user. The leftmost box (with the up-arrow, down-arrow icon) allows subsets of children nodes to be collapsed.

SiteSeer allows a user to view various perspectives on the site. Discussed here are a content perspective, a traffic perspective, and an ad log perspective.

This slide shows viewing the site by content. With the site tree collapsed to the topmost nodes in the background, the foreground shows a menu that allows the user to search for pages having to do with comedy. The tree will be expanded to show pages having to do with comedy.

Access Log results for Men in Black
This slide shows a section of the site tree expanded to show pages related to comedy. Posted against this tree is the visitor traffic levels at each of the pages. Larger typefaces indicate more traffic. The white outline box around the Men in Black page indicates it is the selected node. At the bottom of the page the indication [Score = 187] indicates that during the time period of this access log, 187 visitors have viewed this page. [The authors are unsure why Mission Impossible was included as a comedy, and we can only conclude our search engine - Latent Semantic Indexing has a sense of humor.)

Access Log results for Tin Cup
This slide shows the same view as the previous slide, but with Tin Cup being the selected node. Looking at the bottom of the slide, we notice that there have been no visitors to the Tin Cup page in this time period.

Client Filter
This slide shows a visitor traffic perspective on the site. In the background the tree is expanded. Larger typeface indicates pages visited more frequently. In the foreground is a menu that allows the user to filter these results in various ways. Currently begin shown is a filter that allows the user to select which sites that traffic should be reported from.

Ad Log
This slide show an ad log perspective on the site. The foreground menu allows the user to see various ad log statistics, such as impressions, click throughs or the ratio of click throughs to impressions. This information will then be posted against the site tree.